Customized for Every Mission

Pegasus robotics products are built different.  They are built for farmers to operate how farmers like, easy to fix and modify to suit your needs.  The R150 is designed to autonomously perform a wide range of tasks, including crop spraying, grass and weed mowing, and supply transporting.

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Supply Transport

The R150 can be used to transport supplies and materials.  Its solidly-built 1.08m × 1.08m rack lets you load up to 200kg onto it.  Using its automatic route planning, you can simply tell it where to go and meet it there.

Crop Spraying

Equipped with a 150L tank and a variety of sprayer options, the R150 is perfectly suited for spraying in forestry, orchard, and disinfection situations, with other applications just waiting to be discovered.


The R150 is ideal both for cutting grass and shrubs and for controlling weeds.  Adjust power and travel speed to what the situation requires, and set the blade height to anywhere between 2 and 17 centimeters.  Control it manually, or set it to automatically mow an area.  Its suite of sensors and software ensure the highest of safety levels during operation.

Smart Route Planning

The XAG SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System allows for smart route planning and RTK cm-level positioning.  It uses dual front-facing cameras for stereo vision, allowing it to identify obstacles in front of it and drive around them.  If you need more control, drive it manually with the XAG Agricultural Remote Controller 3.


Quality Construction

The R150 2022 is built to perform hard and last a long time.  Its frame is tough, and easy to disassemble for maintenance.  Its brushless motors output up to 7 N•m of torque, allowing it to carry heavy loads and drive over difficult terrain.  Its wheels are easy to switch out to best fit the needs of the job.


The battery the R150 2022 uses has a 962Wh capacity.  Use the CM12500P Intelligent SuperCharger to charge it from 30% to 95% in just 11 minutes, and get right back to work!  Pair it with the GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station to charge from anywhere, using less than a liter of petrol per charge.