DJI Spray Drone Support:

Please find the manual for your model:

DJI Spray drone T10 Manuals,T30 manualsT40 manuals.

Ag Business and Crop Inc. is certified by DJI to service the Agras application drones.

DJI Authorized Service Center (ASC webpage)

Before sending in a product for repair,

  • please fill out our Client Repair Request Form and send the completed form with your product to speed up the process.
  • If you exported the log file please send it to or any other information like photos, video recordings etc. that may help us to know what happened. This is especial important if it is a warranty clam.
  • We need the controller and the drone.
  • Contact us about if the battery is needed or anything else before you ship or drop in.

519-343-5454 ext. 111