Fly, Map, and Process. That Easy.

The fixed-wing design of the eBee X gives it much higher flight speeds, increasing productivity tenfold compared to quadcopter drones.  Its lightweight design lets you fly it more safely and flexibly, and its RTK/PPK support gives you higher mapping accuracy with less work.



With 90min flight times and speeds between 40 and 110 km/h, the eBee X is able to map significantly larger areas than traditional quadcopter drones.  In a single flight it is able to map up to 500ha, many times more than traditional drones.

Regulatory Advantages

With a weight of no more than 1.6 kg (depending on options chosen), the eBee X is not as heavily regulated as some heavier drones are.  It is approved for operations over people (OOP) in Canada and the US.  It meets the highest possible quality and ground risk safety standards.


1.5cm Absolute Accuracy

With the RTK/PPK abilities of the eBee X, you can gather data without using ground control points (GCPs) while still reaching a ground sampling distance (GSD) of 1.5cm.

Duet M Multispectral Camera

The eBee X is modular and can be paired with a number of cameras supplied by AgEagle.  With the Duet M camera, you can capture both RGB and multispectral images.  This allows you to create visual and multispectral maps and models, and lets you monitor irrigation and crop health.


Safety as a Priority

The eBee X has been designed from the ground up to be safe around people.  It has undergone and passed a series of impact tests to demonstrate its safety for humans.  Its plastic shell and rear-mounted propeller ensure that any rare collisions will cause minimal damage.  And its flight planning software works overtime to prevent crashes and steer away from objects it approaches.

Well-Built and Reliable

The eBee X has a shock-resistant fuselage, with an underbelly made of reinforced polypropylene woven mesh.  This allows it to safely land on any type of terrain without causing damage.  Its modular design makes it quick and easy to swap accessories or make repairs on the fly.  You can trust the eBee X to reliable, as AgEagle have over 12 years of industry experience and have tested it for over 500,000 hours.



The eBee X comes with a host of additional accessories.  Out of the box, it comes with 2 spare propellers, 2 batteries, a charger, a spare pitot kit, the flight management software, a USB ground modem, a USB cable, and a backpack to hold everything you'll need.  It also comes with 6 months online training, to ensure that you'll be able to use your drone as well as possible.

Many other accessories are available to purchase as well, such as a remote control, spare and maintenance kits, a hard case, and much more.