Not Just Bigger

Pegasus robotics products are built different.  They are built for farmers to operate how farmers like, easy to fix and modify to suit your needs.  With reinforced parts and carefully designed stress release systems, the P100 Pro delivers both high performance and unmatched durability.

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Quick and Efficient

With 1.4m blades, a 51L tank, and dual sprayers, the P100 Pro is able to spray crops at a rate of up to 70 acres/hour at a rate of 2 gal/ac.  Its 960WH battery can be charged with its liquid-cooled charging station in 11 minutes, allowing you to get right back to work.

Designed for Long Life

Every piece of the P100 has been meticulously engineered to last a long time.  Its arms have been designed to release stress during flight.  It is IPX6K rated, which means it is not only protected from rain but safe to pressure wash.  All key stress-bearing parts have been reinforced to improve durability and reduce the risk of jamming.  It can also be taken apart for a deeper clean.


Modular to Fit Your Needs

There are 4 models of augers that can be switched out in order to work best with whatever particles you are spreading.  The base of the drone can also be switched out, letting you use a tank for spraying, a tank for spreading, or no tank for less weight while you are mapping or surveying.

Intelligent Assistance

The P100 Pro's intelligent software allows it to help you in several areas.  These include lane-keeping, assistance in manual flight, adaptive spray, monitoring volume, and controlling flight speed.  It is able to do this without an internet connection if required.  It has forward- and downward-facing cameras that allow you to see where it's going and allow it to map field boundaries.


Other Specs


  • 51L tank with real-time volume sensing
  • 10m max effective spray width
  • Dual pumps with up to 22L/min output


  • 80L (50kg) tank
  • 4 types of augers for different sized particles
  • Easy to clean parts


  • 960WH battery with 700 cycle times
  • 6KW charger - can charge two batteries at the same time
  • Charge from 30% to 95% in 11 minutes